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Read on to find out. Unfortunately, all it does it provide a shortcut to the uninstaller utilities provided by the programs themselves, which leave much to be desired when it comes to cleaning up after themselves.

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COMODO has developed a large number of useful free system tools in recent years, and has now revamped its system cleaning tool for a version 3 release. The more you use a PC, the slower it gets. And few suites come quite as well equipped in this area as TuneUp Utilities And so TuneUp Utilities , released today, offers a far more interesting alternative: the new Program Deactivator.

When it comes to keeping your PC clean and clutter-free, millions of people choose the excellent freeware utility CCleaner from Piriform Software to do the job, thanks to its one-click user-friendly interface. Now CCleaner has just got even better thanks to the release of version 3. CCleaner 3. Windows 7 has been able to do this since it was first released, at least in theory. But first you had to track down an appropriate search connector, a file that told Windows how to communicate with the site of your choice.

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Otherwise you have to check yourself on a regular basis. This is especially important for complex software that modifies the operating system, such as device drivers. Before installing any Apple update, you must check that all such modifications that you use are compatible. The more actively promoted the product, the more likely it is to be garbage. As a rule, the only software you should install is that which directly enables you to do the things you use a computer for — such as creating, communicating, and playing — and does not modify the way other software works.

Use your computer; don't fuss with it. Never install any third-party software unless you know how to uninstall it. Otherwise you may create problems that are very hard to solve.

TuneUp Mac

Beware of trojans. Such attacks were rare on the Mac platform until sometime in , but are now increasingly common, and increasingly dangerous. What you can rely on is common-sense awareness — not paranoia, which only makes you more vulnerable. Never install software from an untrustworthy or unknown source. If in doubt, do some research.

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Software with a corporate brand, such as Adobe Flash Player, must be acquired directly from the developer. Any file that is automatically downloaded from a web page without your having requested it should go straight into the Trash. In OS X The block can be overridden, but think carefully before you do so. Note: Java has nothing to do with Java Script , despite the similar names. Don't install Java unless you're sure you need it. Most users don't. Don't fill up your boot volume.

A common mistake is adding more and more large files to your home folder until you start to get warnings that you're out of space, which may be followed in short order by a boot failure. This is more prone to happen on the newer Macs that come with an internal SSD instead of the traditional hard drive. The drive can be very nearly full before you become aware of the problem. While it's not true that you should or must keep any particular percentage of space free, you should monitor your storage consumption and make sure you're not in immediate danger of using it up.

According to Apple documentation, you need at least 9 GB of free space on the startup volume for normal operation. If storage space is running low, use a tool such as the free application OmniDiskSweeper to explore your volume and find out what's taking up the most space.

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Move rarely-used large files to secondary storage. Disk Warrior is a data-salvage tool, not a maintenance tool, and you will never need it if your backups are adequate. Mar 28, PM. I have seen diskwarrior make drives a lot faster after running it, and even make drives not booting come back and at least let me extract files off them, or even run normally again. Drive Genuis is popular and used by Apple Genuises, however I didn't care for it after it modified some files on me once.

Jul 16, AM. Page content loaded. You are the one who would be best in cleaning up their own mess. OS X does an excellent job of keeping itself clean all by itself and all of the "Cleaner" apps available can cause more problems than they solve in the hands of the average user.

4 Best macOS Optimization Software to Clean and Tune up Mac

Just follow Linc's advice and you should be fine. If you have a specific issue that you can't figure out, describe it in a new topic and there's a good chance that a free solution is available.

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  8. Jul 16, AM in response to natedog42 In response to natedog Clean your PC and recover lost space. Search for problems and solve them in no time. Use more than 17 tools to keep your system optimized. Our software also includes useful widgets to monitor your system health or just to make your desktop look better. We will be adding more new widgets so stay tuned! Mindsoft Utilities can be used by computer professionals as well as amateurs that have limited knowledge of these types of tools.

    The interface allows for easy navigation and high efficiency. User Reviews. Reviews Current version All versions. Sort Date Most helpful Positive rating Negative rating. Pros Not a single thing. Cons It crashed my CPU immediately upon installation. Very expensive fix. Summary Not worth the risk! Pros excellent software, far superior Cons none, this does what it says. Pros good thanxxxx Cons good and thank yoiu. Cons Found 2 ad-ware programs that were self propagating and received errors that some files could not be registered.

    Pros The software concept is intriguing Cons The manual is still on the works?????? Cons I will probably like it the day you supply me with a true 9. Cons Norton ANtivirus Corporate detects a trojan horse on io. Pros A lot of features Read reply 1 Reply by mexnet on April 17, What's a review from doing here. Do you get paid by mindsoft?

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