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This recommended installer offers the best, most secure experience by installing the 'Binary-enabled' LastPass Web Extensions for your default web browser and other installed browsers, including: Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera. If you experience issues, try starting Firefox in safe mode. View a history of our changes in our release notes.

Apple upgrades Safari for older versions of macOS

If you are experiencing any issues with the latest release, please contact us. If you would like to help translate LastPass, contact us. JavaScript is required to use LastPass. We do not recommend you attempt to login without Javascript enabled. LastPass for Windows.

Securely save passwords and automatically log into any site on the internet.

A faster way to do just about anything

More ways to get LastPass. And while it is the default choice for many Mac and iPhone users, it turns out it holds up well to the competition from Google Chrome or Firefox Quantum and even Microsoft's Edge browser. Honestly, the current web browsers from Google, Mozilla, and Apple are all plenty fast enough for your day to day browsing. One might be a bit snappier when performing some tasks; another might be less of a strain on your system resources. But the days of picking a web browser based just on speed, thankfully, are behind us.

But If you're looking just for raw speed, the Safari browser isn't always going to win the race. In our head-to-head informal tests against Google Chrome, Safari tended to lose as much as win against Google's browser when playing YouTube videos, for example, or switching between tabs. Navigation time between websites and startup time also lagged a bit behind Chrome and Firefox.

How do I get the latest version of Safari for Mac OS X?

But we are talking parts of seconds in difference. For most users, the difference is insignificant and probably not a useful measure of the value of a browser. A better measure of browser performance is how it manages system resources. In our informal tests, the Safari browser for MacOS doesn't put nearly the strain on system resources as Google Chrome does, but Mozilla's Firefox does in general a bit better job of keeping its usage under control.

We found the Chrome browser to be the biggest RAM and CPU hog of the three, with the Firefox browser usually the most efficient, and Safari coming in a close second in managing resources. Here's where Apple has made a big push over the past year. Mozilla has for a while positioned Firefox as the browser for those creeped out by how much information some of the big tech companies gather about you through its services.

But Apple also talks the talk on keeping user data private, and the latest versions of the Safari browser show how Apple is following up on that promise. The latest version the Safari web browser for MacOS has a suite of solid security features designed to keep you safe and your data private. For example, Safari works to protect you from online tracking companies by obscuring your browser's unique fingerprint.

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A single sign-on sets up sharing to Facebook and Twitter, so you only need to log in once. Download, Install or Update Safari for Mac!

You can scroll seamlessly from one story to the next, no clicking required. Reader lets you focus on the text without being distracted by ads and other items. Developers The tool is built on WebKit, the industry-leading open source rendering engine.

Apple Safari download for Mac | MacUpdate

It includes powerful built-in tools, like Web Inspector, that let developers create advanced web applications. And it continues to support technologies that enable innovation on the web.

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Extensions The browser Extensions are a great way to bring new features to the app. Customize your browsing experience by adding your favorite extensions. Note : Requires bit processor. Also Available: Download Safari for Windows. Download Safari for Mac Latest Version.

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