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I prefer to have important files saved on an SD card, which I can pull out if the phone has an issue. I was on the phone with LG support for over 8 hours at various times, 14 emails, for supervisors and then they finally promised to send me a refund for my 5X. Horrible customer service by LG. I will never buy another LG product in my life. Was yours still under warranty? Am I out of luck? The warranty has been extended for the motherboard, so you should be able to get a replacement.

I was charged for a new motherboard recently, so am repeatedly contacting LG to get a refund. I am in the same situation. Where did you hear that the warranty was extended?

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Do you have more information on this? Mine went into bootloop on Tuesday. I immediately started a chat with LG as I had no phone. Bought mine Told them what was happening and she agreed that they would fix it. Sent me a shipping label and I sent it to them the same day. If they actually FIX it is another story which I will hopefully update within the 2 weeks they said it would take. Mine was clearly out of warranty….

Where do you live? The same thing happened to me on the 8th, but I bought my phone a month before you bought yours. I know they extended the motherboard warranty for Korea, apparently not Canada. So, if you still have a working 5x, the solution seems to be to put your phone in the freezer during updates. It seems that all these bootloop issues started after the Nexus 4. But ON the freezer it has room temperature, so no change. The heat comes not from booting, but from the heavy work during the update process.

Heaving it in the freezer will reduce peak temperature and probably slightly reduce power dissipation as leakage currents increase with temperature. So the thermal stress could be reduced. But the battery can get weak and interrupt the update process. Of course if you take it out in a humid environment when it is cold again after the update condensation could be an issue.

Device will be for trash anyways because fix is not long lasting, but an hour or two with partialy working phone is sometimes enough for important data recovery. Heat guns typically produce a fairly slow flow of very hot air. It has been working fine since It is now one of my projects to see how long I can leep it running…: I wanted to do that with my original MotoX, then I dropped it and they refused to fix it.

Thanks for this article. Not possible to fix that: I have spent many years doing failure analysis of electronic assemblies, and I can confirm that thermal issues do cause many failures of flip-chip and BGA bonding, whether due to solder joint fracture, pad lifting, solder ball detachment, along with other problems related to stress induced during thermal cycling due to mismatch in thermal coefficients of expansion.

The problem is compounded by solder adhesion problems which are frequently due to defects in the PCB pad finish and brittleness of lead-free solders. Manufacturers hate to admit to these problems because repairs are very costly and may cause minor defects that result in early failures. The RoHS solder is so bad the aerospace and transportation sectors have been given an exemption.

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Plus the mining of the other metals needed is often even more polluting. In short RoHS was made by people were knew little about engineering or the manufacturing of equipment, and the mining process. If anyone has a 5X that is still working and its still under Google warranty mine was bought from GoogleFi and it was at the 10 month mark , should just contact them and tell the support that the phone is problematic, name any problem you want, they will replace it with brand new one for free, with no hustle at all.

My 5x just died of the boot loop two weeks ago. It was leads than a year old. When I sent back my broken device they released the hold. They even overnighted me the return box and prepaid FedEx label. Jumping through hoops would be calling LG and having your warranty voided for some BS excuse. And as soon as you have the new device, sell it! This happened to my 5x as well. Then it died for good. Project Fi customer support cross-shipped me a replacement device. I popped my SIM out, and when I got the new phone, popped it back in, and voila.

I had this problem as well with my Nexus 5X. As per the technical details, as soon as I let the phone cool down for a long time I was able to get it to boot for a couple of minutes, enough to salvage my data damn you full disk encryption.

Fix-a-Brick: Fighting the Nexus 5X Bootloop

LG has really built some shoddy boards lately. I checked. No device should run that hot. Aparently some people managed to fix the issue by completly disabling the A57 cores in kernel and effectively turning the device into a dual core device. Heat can not be the issue. I got this phone from a friend who barely used it and I kept it around on the desk. Never took it out or did any game play on it so it was not used much.

Although I did have the nougat beta program and it ran for the month, on the day of the release I got a notification and ignored it. Later on the phone was dead. No boot loop or anything else. Although plugged into the charger at the time to charge in the morning. I can see an issue with long term high temperature causing problems but just by charging?

Or flashing an update? We can talk about all the problems, but the thing is, for a phone that was not abused or heavily used and not even barely used for it to die after an update. I know what I did and what happened. It died dead. Not even a peep.. I dont buy any of these explanations. Although normal users wont know the difference and would think it is normal wear and tear on a badly made product. Not a single scratch on it and never drooped. Heck I had to have been using it other than it just sitting around most of the time. So even googles explanation dont make any sense.

There is another explanation.. Google did not even use all the features of the SOC even though like the 6P had them. Also some have got their devices unbricked by people who know how to factory flash the device which not even LG service centers do. Or replacing the flash which also rewrites all the needed data.

There are things going on here that Google is indeed hiding. And indeed it must be serious in some way. My 5x failed in bootloop while I was overseas three months ago, just as I was about to board my last plane home. Not a fun way to spend 14 hours of traveling! Google kindly replaced the phone even though it was just past the one year mark, but in the meantime I took the device to a local phone repair shop.

Nothing I had read about online worked: They had it for weeks and bless them, were actually able to fix it so I could recover my full-res photos and videos not the resized Google Photos version. Apparently it was a connection to the power button, which specifically had to be microsoldered back, and took so long because it was so finicky that several attempts failed. Using the replacement 5x now, warily awaiting the day I am forced to upgrade to a Pixel.

At least LG have a 24 month warranty. Mine hit boot loop a couple of weeks back, but LG replaced the main board within 24 hours. My advice would be to just phone or e-mail support. Where is the difference?

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Of course mobile phones also have to be RoHS compliant. Or that model of Quantum HDD used in Mac LCs that came back to life for another couple of years if you whacked the end with a mallet while powering up. I had the same loops. A few attempts resulted in a power on. Heat and cold both attempted but nothing ended stable.

Only time I had functionality for 5 mins was after a full wipe. All seemed to be a little to familiar with the issues. LG fixed in under a week and replaced the battery. Something went very went but after sales support was good, by LG at least. If someone could give me the attorney number please. I want to join the lawsuit. I have the same problem on my phone and LG is being jerk about it. Just followed the same steps everything is working just fine but, it will only last for a few hours. My Nexus 5X did this less than 8 months after I bought it.

I was in the process of applying an update, the phone got extremely hot and suddenly shut off, followed by a never ending boot loop. Tried doing a reflow on the main board as well as other fixes.. Nothing worked so I sent it into LG for warranty repair. They sent it back with a note starting a power regulator was to blame.. Cracked open the case and find they had completely replaced the main board after flashing the chip with my original IMEI. Bootloop for me as well… since yesterday, no help from google or LG… Unplugging batterie and keeping my phone outside on the snow make it boot for a while.

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I finally manage to do a factory reset from the bootloader and from the gui as well. Google Project Fi replaced it under warranty with a refurbished device. The refurbished 5X bootlooped this morning.

I think Fi recognizes the issue with the 5X and continues to do replacements while they have them available and assuming you bought the phone from Fi or Google. My Nexus 5, 6, and 6P are all still functional. My Nexus 5x recently went into bootloop. I was able to get about 5 minutes with it after a stint in the freezer, but I ended up sending it to LG hoping they would repair it even though I am 3 months out of warranty.

No such luck! I ended up paying 77 bucks to have LG fix it. After all, I loved my Nexus 5x, right up until the bootloop! My 5X bricked about a week ago while I was sending a text. It was about Though it did not initially work, after several hours indoors I tried once more to turn the phone on and the red battery light blinked, so I plugged it back in to charge.

After charging for a while, I tried to boot in recovery mode and was amazed when it actually worked! I plugged it into my computer to pull as much data as possible from it. It died again during the backup as I was trying to copy off all the photos. Several more failed boot cycles eventually brought it back up and I got most of the data off. The evening of the initial death of the phone I contacted Google service. They did place a hold on my credit card to send the replacement, but swear it will be released when I send them the defective phone. The replacement came today and is working great.

However, I am not in a position to be able to buy a new one at this point. One precaution I use is to always wait a few days before installing the updates to see if they spark problems for other users. I have found that the phone runs extremely hot when using Waze presumably the GPS mode is to blame. Thanks for posting your process and results.

My 5X just died today as well. Emailed LG Canada and hoping for a decent answer from them…. Mine died today also 13 months and 9 days after I bought it. I would honestly rather have the refund than to have to obtain another 5x. I agree about the 5x being included in the lawsuit. From what I understand, it is the same issue. My first one died last August with this issue. My replacement refurbished died this week. The day before it died I dropped it three feet into carpet and had no visible external damage.

The next morning it stopped working after watching a snapchat video. I thought it was a lost cause due to the original purchase being soon after launch but I will give it a try. LG replaced it, then 3 weeks after the warranty ended we got the dreaded bootloop on the refurbished phone. After putting it in the freezer I got into the OS for less than 10 seconds and never made it back into the OS.

Then I pulled it apart and removed the main board. I wrapped all the parts besides the large heat sinked sections assuming the problem was somewhere under there with tinfoil, shiny side facing out. I put it in the oven floating on tinfoil balls on a cookie sheet where the temperature was between for about 10 minutes. Let it cool with the oven off and the door cracked open for 1 hr.

When I put it back together surprisingly it worked. Google Pixel was too expensive for a phone. But after a month I have a spare time and doing this stuff which actually simple which is heating a motherboard. Everything is similar. But 5x is better and easier to open than Nexus 4. Thanks again posting this video. Very useful. I tried using hairdryer for 40 — 50 seconds and it works. Car dash ftw. Phone worked long enough to backup data. Hi All, One extra step to add… Tried a few times with various hetagun settings 1st C, within 24 hrs issue returned, 2nd C, within 24 hrs issue returned Finally last ditch nothing to lose mode I set the heatgun to C for 1: Sounds nuts I know….

YMMV of course but if nothing to lose, why not. Thanks for the suggested hack.

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I used the blow dryer fix and it worked! I just tried to install Ubuntu Touch on my Nexus 10 according to your manual. How can I get the system running and if there are any problems, how can I reflash Android? Octavian Damiean Johannes Johannes 11 2. I answered this recently for Nexus 7.