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Thank you very much nexkulit! A check on volume said it was "dirty" whatever that means , so I quickly copied the contents back to my iMac HDD and am in the process of doing a secure erase on the stupid thing, right before I throw it in the garbage. This thing has been a nightmare. Even during the copying it managed to mess things up and reboot my system. Took forever to get the thing mounted again. I hate Seagate with a passion now. This did not work for me. I spent some time searching and came up with this solution that did work:.

When I booted and set my finder preference back to show all external HD's.

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Now even my Tech Tool emergency disk is performing correctly. This then enabled me to copy all the photos to the new HDD. I then repeated the process on the original HDD. I reinstalled the Seagate drive from the site and it's now showing.

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For other drivers, might suggest reinstalling their driver from their site as well. Just a suggestion, I thought about downgrading back to El Capitan but too complicated for me. Good luck! My problem is a Transcend hard drive that does not automount at startup. If I unplug the USB and plug it back in, it mounts and everything is fine.

I had the same problem with Samsung D3 station external hard drive.

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I've tried reinstalling drivers and everything several times allready, it just won't mount. Disk Utility shows nothing either. After I pluged it up, MacOS mounted my Samsund D3 station right away, now everything works and I don't know actually what was the real problem. I have a iMac Out of desperation, I tried your solution. Connected the drive to my desktop with a USB extender. Thank you.

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Sometimes, one or both of them randomly mount, and in that case I have run a diagnostic of each drive using the WD tool app that came with the drives and they are fine. If running the diagnostic with Disk Utility, they unmount and dissapear again. After the computer goes to sleep and Time Machine attempts to run a backup, the Time Machine drive will dissapear. Is this an Apple attempt to force us out of external drive and into very expensive iCloud storage? Similar problem with the released verion of For hours, I was trying multiple restarts and even installing the latest update, but my hard disk was still unreadable.

It works fine until I eject the disk and put the computer to sleep. When I plug the drive back in before or after waking the computer, the OS does not see the drive. It is not visible in Disk Utility. I have to perform a reboot in order for the disk to mount. I am running the latest version of Sierra and I have also run into a mounting problem with my external hard drives. The problem for me just to reiterate is that sometimes a drive will mount and sometimes the same drive will not mount which means show up on the desktop as it should when it mounts correctly.

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I do not believe that there was any operating system release that 'fixed' this issue. When I reboot my computer Mac Mini , the hard drives that previously would not mount will mount correctly. This happened just a few minutes ago. I had two hard drives that mounted and four that would not mount. After rebooting, all the drives mount and work properly.

To those who are worried about their data, I believe the data on your external drives is intact and can be retrieved as long as the disk wasn't formatted or erased using disk utility. Don't panic! Turn off the external drive, disconnect from your computer, and reboot. Hopefully this will resolve some fraction of the problems people have experienced in this thread. I have had this problem intermittently for over a year.

I haven't figured out a way to isolate the problem, but maybe its related to when the external drives were originally formatted. In my case, these drives are all several years old although they were correctly formatted Mac OSX journaled before they were initially used.

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Facing the exact same problem. Lights are on when mouse is connected and the harddisk is connected but not being detected.

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Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt. I need to have a permanent solution for this as it is very inconvenient. Thunderbolt drives are also affected. Unable to be recognized on boot. Only recognized after boot on internal drive, and cannot be switched to boot from the OS System Pref.

Interesting they would release a build. Have seen this before on mac and earlier, with no solution offered. Wait for the next Beta update to potentially resolve this with no feedback on 'cause' Worked for me to release the "Option" boot menu to external drive selection.

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Hope this helps someone else also I have a similar issue with Mac Mini late running It worked fine under I've sent numereous feedback reports to Apple but still no sollutions. I only recently updated to The drive is mountd and visible in Disk Utility, but not in Finder. At least on several occasions, re-launching finder has fixed the problem. Still haven't worked out the exact scenarios under which the problem occurs or the Finder re-launch fixes it. Works perfectly on other machines running Yosemite - tried re-formatting on Yosemite but Sierra still wouldn't mount the drive whether encrypted or not.

Unfortunately had to copy the data to another drive using Yosemite so it's not a solution if you have essential data which you're unable to copy off by other means. I'm running Maybe if you can run the USB though a thunderbolt hub as a workaround at least. Still should have been fixed months ago. Sometimes it doesn't. This is true for both USB ports. I replaced the drive. Same problem with the replacement. Nothing has been done that might damage the drive, the cable, or the port. For example, with the MacBook powered down, I plug in the drive, start up. No problem.

I then shut down and restart.

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Now the drive is gone. Disk Utility doesn't see it at all. Power down, switch to second USB port, power up. Now the drive is recognized. But at some point, the drive will also disappear from that port. What I did was right click in the external HD that appears in disk utility and from there you can click show in fnder! It seems like the partition had a hidden attribute. I was in a hurry so I just grab the HD in finder and add it to my favorites bar in the left side of finder.

I think that I need to research about the hidden attribute but for now I can work and access to my HD. I had the same problem too, but with a USB 3. While running a Late Mac Desktop, with Yosemite The 3 TB HD icon wouldn't show up on either the Finder window or Computer screen, on my Desktop computer, but would show up within the Desktop computer application, Disk Utility, on the left side of it's window. Now, I know the 3 TB HD was running because I could feel it the rotation of the hard drive and I could see that it's exterior white light was on.

So here's how I was able to bring back! Since I had access to an additional computer, with the latest Operating System, Sierra Recap: From my experience, find a newer second computer, even a friend's, who's running the latest operating system. Allow some time for the USB 3.

Check back later with it's Finder window or Computer screen and with some luck, it appears! You're back in business. If not, although I never got around to it, I'm sure Apple Care will have some suggestons. Good Luck and Keep me posted! The delay is that the connected disk is running fsck in the background before it shows up, which can take some time.

That said, my fsck never completes successfully, which is an issue that disk disk mounts read-only. Well had the same problem. But found solution! This is correct no way to mount. But a WD external disk mounted immediately. Same here, WD hard drive. Almost shipped it for warrenty repair becaseu I assumed the drive was faulty. Then plugged into a Windows PC and it mounted. I did your suggestion while sipping on vodka: plugged the external drive to a Windows laptop It may have been the vodka, though.

But seriously, thanks for this suggestion. No downgrading to El Capitan needed! But because I can't leave Well Enough alone, I decided to test what happens if a drive fails. I was unable to get another Mac to recognize the drive, so I turned my attention to the Studio II with only one disk inside. Status messages. Fully rebuilt, the status says, "Healthy. Replacing the drive set the Studio II into Rebuild mode; I'm not sure if just starting the unit with the drive out prompted the rebuild, or if something was damaged when I tried reading the drive from another computer, but I was happy with the result.

The LEDs on the front of the drive rose from bottom to top like a bolt of fire up a Jacob's Ladder, and the light gradually grew until it was a band of dark rising in amid the light, telling me the rebuild was getting closer to finished. Both before I replaced the drive and after while it was rebuilding, the My Book Studio II's "good" drive was still available and worked plenty fast.