Python simple http server mac

The only thing you need to have installed is Python. It is the way you can access your machine by typing commands to tell it what to do. Your command line will either return a Python version, or say Python is not recognized.

Simple HTTP Server with Python (Mac)

If it returns a version, you have Python installed, if it is not recognized, you need to install Python. In the following screenshot, you can see I have Python Version 2. With Python working and installed, running a simple local server is now the matter of navigating to the location of our web folder, then running a single line command that will start our local server in this folder.

The problem with testing local files

The cd command changes our directory. Type cd followed by the path to our local web folder.

You can also access it via: If the directory has a file named index. If there is no index. Modify and change folders in web folder, save and then refresh your page.

An alternative to: python -m SimpleHTTPServer for Arch Linux

Your page will appear as it would if it were live on the internet. This will end the local server instance. The Python SimpleHTTPServer is a quick and easy solution for getting a localhost server running that you can use locally develop your page before pushing it to production.

It will work for basic static website purposes.

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How do you set up a local testing server?

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This works on all versions of python 2. Serves globally on port Don't start the server and leave it on a internet connected machine.

Local files vs. remote files

Any thoughts on this command? Does it work on your machine? Can you do the same thing with only 14 characters?