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In any case, get in contact with us and discuss your proposal with us before handing in the application. You can also read the email announcement for 1. A second release candidate for 1. A release candidate for 1. A second beta version for 1. A beta version for 1. The first release candidate for 1. Summer of Code is a annual program hold by Google to attract new developers for the open source world. It is a great opportunity for college students to get a real, on the ground programming experience, work on an exciting open source project with mentoring from its developers.

MacPorts has great tasks on the ideas page that could use attention, and still has slots for volunteers. Get in contact with us and apply if you are interested! Please also spread the word if you are a MacPorts user and a friend of yours would be qualified. This is a great opportunity not just for the students, but to foster and extend the MacPorts project. Application is still open until April 3, For more details, just contact the macports-dev mailing list or any of the mentors. The MacPorts Project is proud to announce the release of version 1.

For new installs, there are also package installers in disk images available for The source is available as tarballs compressed with gzip or bzip2 in the same directory and it is also available from the subversion tag.

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You can also read the email announcement. As of 14 October, , MacPorts has undergone a change of management. The email announcement can be found at:. The first order of business once getting settled in is complete is to put the final wraps on a 1.

This will be a big release, as it has been quite some time since 1. There is a milestone for 1.

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However, many other changes have been made without tickets, and the entire set of updates is in the ChangeLog:. Feel like you want to be in it…?

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Shape up and browse over to https: The MacPorts team is most proud to present to the world its new face at https: Coupled to our new webpage is a considerable and on-going facelift to our until unfortunately lacking documentation, our new guide at https: Enjoy them and feel free to give us as much feedback as you may have by following the guidelines in the brand new https: The MacPorts team is most glad to announce the immediate availability of our amazing 1.

Check out the release announcement at https: A major achievement in this release is the completion of code and documentation changes to reflect the transition in project name from DarwinPorts to MacPorts. This results in a slightly modified installation layout. Please see the release notes for more details. Mac OS X v Change log is at MacPorts 1. After you installed Fink run. To install Gwyddion from source code, for instance if you want to install a development version, you need to install the required packages listed in the above table and then follow the generic Unix installation section instructions.

Using Fink or a self-compiled version you should follow the steps below: Start X Then run Gwyddion from the folder it was installed to.

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So for example for Fink run:. You can also configure X Locate X Install Ruby on Rails by Daniel Kehoe. Command Line Primer.

Command Line

Command Line. Package Management Systems. Apache 2. The project is jointly managed by a group of volunteers located around the world, using the Internet and the Web to communicate, plan, and develop the server and its related documentation. This project is part of the Apache Software Foundation. In addition, hundreds of users have contributed ideas, code, and documentation to the project. January 17, Requirements: Freshclam should perform these updates automatically.

Instructions for setting up Freshclam can be found in the ClamAV Manual or in the documentation section. Cisco Modification Date: December 19, Requirements: Then too, there are times when he needs you to throw him a line. It becomes both a fish to buy and a series of lessons in how to fish, and ultimately can become a handy work of reference.

Pure Mac: Command Line - Software for Mac

It doesn't try to rip you off - it tries to teach you, so you become more independent and don't need that line thrown at you all the time. The CLIX package includes a starter command database file with over 1, one thousand five hundred - yes, you read it right system commands for investigating your system status, for cleaning out your junk files, for getting at secret settings for the Dock, the Finder, and all of your most used applications - and all sorted for easy access, any way you wish.

You also gain access for the first time to the tens of thousands of files in your BSD subsystem. And most importantly, the CLIX system is infinitely extensible: Rixstep Modification Date: August 24, Requirements: Mac OS X February 6, Requirements: Originally created by Robey Pointer in December for use on a channel called gayteen, it has spawned an almost cult like following of users.

It is a feature rich program designed to be easily used and expanded upon using Tcl scripting by both novice and advanced IRC users on a variety of hardware and software platforms. December 27, Requirements: FFmpeg team Modification Date: November 5, Requirements: We modify Unix software so that it compiles and runs on Mac OS X "port" it and make it available for download as a coherent distribution. Fink uses Debian tools like dpkg and apt-get to provide powerful binary package management.

You can choose whether you want to download precompiled binary packages or build everything from source. Fink Core Team Modification Date: January 13, Requirements: This contains current versions 7. For more information, see this webpage. Download my binaries, and cd to the download folder.

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  • Then gunzip gcc You can invoke the Fortran 95 compiler by simply typing gfortran. With XCode 4 or better you will need to download the command-line tools as an additional step. You will find the option to download the command-line tools in XCode's Preferences. On May 19, Requirements: Max Howell Modification Date: February 17, Requirements: ImageMagick Studio Modification Date: January 12, Requirements: