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After you create the connection, it will appear in the Microsoft Remote Desktop dialog under My Desktops.

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To make further changes, if needed, select it from the list and click Edit. Note: If you see an error message when trying to connect to the remote server, you may need to download the latest version of the Microsoft Remote Desktop application currently ver.

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To close the remote connection, log out of Manager by closing its window, or choosing Exit from the File menu. The server closes the remote connection automatically.

Connection name e. PC name : enter the server name and port number e.

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Forwarding to a local printer You can forward output from the remote server to your local printer or label printer. Check Forward printing devices. Redirecting output On the Redirection tab, you can set folders on your local computer where Remote Manager can save documents and data.

The new Remote Desktop app for Windows 10 now has support for Azure Remote App, giving access to applications running in Microsoft's datacenters, according to an April Microsoft announcement. It's also possible now to pin apps and desktops to the Start Menu of the Remote Desktop app. Windows Store Options The Windows Store will continue to show options to install either the "Remote Desktop app" or the "Microsoft Remote Desktop Preview" app, even though the latter app is out of preview for Windows 10 users, Microsoft's announcement noted. The Remote Desktop app choice "has a slower update cadence and minimized risks," while the preview "may have more bugs and crashes," the announcement explained.


It's possible to run both versions side by side. In March, Microsoft added multiple monitor support for its Remote Desktop for Mac preview, along with copy-and-paste support.

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However, this preview isn't for production environments, Microsoft noted at the time. A future "optimization guide for each Windows Server release" will be coming to simplify these long lists, Microsoft promised then, although it didn't say when it would arrive. Kurt Mackie is senior news producer for the Enterprise Computing Group.

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Microsoft announced on Oct. Microsoft has somewhat altered its plans to permit end users to buy Power Platform products outside of IT controls, according to a Thursday update to its self-service purchase FAQ. The Microsoft Teams collaboration application for Office subscribers is starting to get more file access and sharing capabilities derived from SharePoint Online, Microsoft announced on Wednesday.

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