Galaxy s3 transfer files to mac

Simply download and install the Android File Transfer program , connect your device to your computer, and double click the AFT application to start it up. You can then drag and drop any file up to 4GB in size to and from the device. There's even a dedicated help page in case you hit a snag.

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Create a Backup

Even KIES is very tempermental! So I ended up using AirDroid. But it doesnt seem to allow access to my external sdcard Mar 31, 1 0 5 Male. Aug 16, 20 5 16 Bay Area, CA. Excellent stuff, thanks everyone! Oct 4, 1 0 15 Male. Dec 19, 4, 3, Illinois. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? Now yours with Samsung financing.

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